Terms & Conditions for filing the complaints

I (User) hereby acknowledge my agreement with acceptance to the terms and conditions as mentioned below wherein:

    1. The Gripebox through its experts, counsellors, advocates, partners, managers, employees and representatives (hereinafter known as “The GB Team”) is authorised to file, register and pursue complaints against the Service Provider on my behalf
    2. The GB Team is fully authorized to sign every relevant document and file any application (s) on my behalf as necessary to bring the complaint in effect with the Service Provider and seek its resolution thereupon
    3. The GB Team is authorised to take the unresolved matter to appropriate law enforcement authorities including but not limited to National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission (hereinafter known as “Redressal Forum”) throughout the National Territory of India
    4. The GB Team is delegated with the authority to do any or all the following on my behalf:
      • to represent, act and appear for me;
      • to conduct and prosecute (or defend) the same and all proceedings that may be taken in respect of any application connected with the same or any decree of order passed therein;
      • to sign, file, verify, present, and receive all types of documents including plaints, statements, pleadings, appeals, cross objections, petitions, applications, revision, withdrawal, compromise or affidavits;
      • to withdraw or compromise or submit to arbitration any differences or disputes that may arise touching or in any manner relating to the said case;
      • to deposit, draw and receive money, cheques, cash and grant receipts thereof;
      • to do all other acts and things which may be necessary or expedient, in the opinion of The GB Team, to be done
      • to employ any Legal Practitioner authorizing him to exercise the authorities herebyconfirmed on the The GB Team whenever it may think fit to do so
    5. I take full responsibility of providing true, fair and genuine information and issues to GB Team and shall be solely liable for any misleading material, evidence & information being shared from my end.
    6. I agree to ratify and confirm all acts done by the The GB Team or its substitute in the matter as my own acts, as if done by me to all intents and purposes
    7. The GB Team may inspect the files and records and obtain certified copies of relevant documents from Service Provider or through Redressal Forum to get the complaint resolved
    8. Every act done by The GB Team to resolve the complaint is deemed to be in good faith and will be binding on me
    9. The Gripebox is indemnified by me from any or all consequences that may arise from raising the complaint with Service Provider or the Redressal Forum, as the acts are entirely owned by me
    10. The Gripebox will charge relevant fees for providing its support and services, which may vary from case to case basis
    11. The above mentioned terms and conditions constitute an electronically valid agreement between The Gripebox and me, which may continue unless expressly discontinued by me in writing.
    12. I acknowledge that GB Team will put best efforts in solving the problem, although they don’t promise, guarantee or undertake to resolve my issue/problem/grievance.